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The Value of a Financial Advisor

Many wonder if a Financial Advisor is “worth it.” While you can certainly rely on your own knowledge to create your own financial plan and/or manage your own investments, there can be a significant amount of research, time and emotion involved. That's why when you work with our team you not only get our time, but you also get our knowledge from the books we've read, the hours we've studied, the advanced education we've dedicated time to, the certifications we've earned, the real-life application from working with many different clients, the continuing education we maintain and the experience from collaborating with a variety of financial professionals.

Our job is to also help you avoid as many financial mistakes as possible and provide a sense of accountability. A survey of Advisors pinpointed the 5 biggest individual investor mistakes1 as:

  • Making emotional decisions;
  • Having a short-term focus;
  • Lack of a financial plan;
  • An absence of clear goals; and
  • Not staying the course.

All that to say, a Financial Advisor is worth much more than the return of a portfolio or beating "the market." That's why we create diversified portfolios geared toward client goals, which does not inherently mean you will likely lag the leading index.

Contact our office to have one of our Financial Advisors help guide you through your financial decisions.


1 Natixis Global Asset Management, Global Survey of Financial Advisors conducted by CoreData Research, July 2015. Survey included 2,400 financial advisors in 14 countries and territories.