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The Golden Gate Way™

At LIFEBRIDGE FINANCIAL GROUP™, our role is to help you make educated choices with your money. Because we believe your financial life is multi-faceted and should be evaluated collectively rather than separately, we take a holistic approach to financial advice.

The Golden Gate Way™ is our unique step-by-step planning process that aims to ensure you will always know where you stand, where you want to go, and how we will help you work toward getting there. The approach begins with a complimentary Design Meeting to help you organize and prioritize your objectives. We will then create an action plan, our LifeBridge BluePrint, to help determine appropriate use of your resources. Once your plan is implemented, we will establish a maintenance schedule to re-evaluate and adjust your plan as needed to make sure you stay on track to reaching your goals. We recommend that you reassess your goals at least every two years (or if a major life change occurs) to determine if any modifications should be made to your plan.