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LifeBridge BluePrint™

The LifeBridge BluePrint™, a critical component of The Golden Gate Way™, lays out the structure to help get you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. It includes two "towers" that form the basis of and support for your overall financial plan. Additional components, “cables,” can be added to your plan on an a la carte basis so that your specific needs are met. In depth information on each Tower and Cable is outlined below.

Tower 1: Financial Goal Appraisal

Provides an overview of where you are in relation to your goals and creates a plan of action identifying the steps you need to take as you work toward those goals.

Tower 2: Investment Portfolio Review

Provides an in-depth analysis of how we believe your investments should be allocated based on your responses to the Asset Allocation Questionnaire and your stated financial goals.

Your LifeBridge BluePrint™ will be customized to reflect your unique goals, needs and preferences. These options are the supporting cables of your personalized plan.

Cable 1: Market Volatility Analysis

Assesses the impact market volatility could have on your financial objectives and, if necessary, serves as a guidepost for the steps that can be implemented to help reduce risk.

Cable 2: Tax Efficiency Assessment

Indicates what adjustments could be made to your investments and/or what combination of financial solutions could be utilized so that your income, after paying taxes, can potentially be as high as possible.

Cable 3: Healthcare Cost Overview

Provides an itemized overview of healthcare funding sources, their estimated cost and how the estimated total outlay of healthcare expenses during retirement could impact your overall goals.

Cable 4: Life Insurance Evaluation

Reveals if the insurance coverage currently in place is adequate to cover final expenses and/or provide for loved ones the way you intend after you have passed.

Cable 5: Long-Term Care Analysis

Considers the impact prolonged healthcare cost might have on your assets and details the solutions available to help minimize/transfer the financial risk.

Cable 6: Maximize My Social Security Calculation

Assists in identifying when and how to take your Social Security benefits to maximize your lifetime Social Security income and, based on a number of variables, how this income could impact other objectives.

Cable 7: Estate Analysis

Analyzes the projected value of your estate at death, the potential amounts your beneficiaries will receive and, where appropriate, illustrates one or more estate planning strategies you may want to consider.